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Augers Unlimited designs and manufactures augers to virtually any size. 


Our standard off-the-shelf augers have met or exceeded the needs of the Food, Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty Aids, Chemical, Industrial and Tobacco industries.  Materials in the Food industry such as; Biscuit, Cake & Pancake Mixes, Spices, Cocoa/Chocolate Mixes, Instant Drink Mixes, Milk Powders, Ground, Instant, Bean & Agglomerated Coffees, Puddings and Rice & Grains to name a few.

Our design and quality surpasses the stringent requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry dispensing products such as Oral Antibiotics, Nutritionals, and various Medicated Powders.

The unique packaging designs in the Health & Beauty Aids industry challenge the engineering talents of most designers.  Dispensing products like Baby Powder, Talc, Eyeshadows, Shampoos are just some of the problems solved by using our augers.

Moving materials that have extremely caustic and/or include abrasive qualities similar to Drain Cleaners, Cleansers, Detergents and Toilet Bowl Cleaners we meet head-on with solutions.  The Chemical industry, in fact, is a major user of our augers.

Whether you're moving food, concrete, chemicals, or pharmaceutical products, you expect your feeders or fillers to deliver your product without adding additional problems to your everyday cost.  At Augers Unlimited, we specialize in the design and manufacture of high performance augers for all types of material-moving applications. Our goal is to work closely with you, so that together as a team we can develop cost-saving solutions.  We have built our reputation on our ability to respond to our customers' special needs.

To see a few examples of products that are being dispensed or moved with augers in the Food Market click here, in the Chemical Market click here, in the Health & Beauty Aids click here.


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